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Asien, Asien » In the moment after I have clicked the submit button…

In the moment after I have clicked the submit button…

… I have regretted my decision. What a stupid idea.

But let’s start with how all began. Last Friday, 25th of March 2011. It was an email from the Triathlon Assiciation of Singapore which made me browing the web during this lunch break. The email was announcing the last 3 days for early bird registration for the OSIM Singapore Triathlon 2011. As I always head for new challenges I was checking the details but somehow I was not convinced to sign up. From there I hopped onto one of my favourite website, http://www.sgrunners.com/ to have a look at the event calendar. I was looking for events which do not conflict with my travel plans this year and landed on the website for the Sundowm Ultra Marathon 2011. Wow, 100km with a flag off time at 6pm, crazy event.  I was thinking back and forth but I was already infected. So I open the registration form and entered all the required information. And then I did it.


After doing so I was like “oh man, did I really do this? And if so, why???”

So far I have no answer but I started reading into this challenge a bit, and the more I read the more I was panicking. Oh my god, I will never be able to finish this.

On the nest day I told the first people that I will go for this and they seemed to think that I am crazy which added to the kind of panic which has built up. Over the weekend I continued to think about how I am gonna to organize my training for this event and it scared me more with every day. Contimously reading about backpacks full of food to carry, about breakdowns and the number of marathons you should have done before a 100km run die not really make it any better.

On Monday I surfed the net again and found a training plan which looked too good to be true. 8 weeks of intensive preparation, 3-5 training days with 6-12 hours per week and 53-126 km to finish. Sounds OK. And the best is, that trainig plan actually only has minor conflicts with my family life. So I will try to stick to this. I felt better as at least I have a plan now.

On the way back home in the cab I decided to write all that down. Write it down for myself or others who want to do this and go for such a challenge at any time. And for my friends to look at it and maybe laugh. I hope this blog keeps me motivated in my preparation and through the race. It will be either the starting point of an Ultramarathon fever or the first and last loooong run of my life.

I’ll keep you posted.

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