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Asien, Asien » Singapore Duathlon 2012…

Singapore Duathlon 2012…

Another fun but exhausting event…

I was very excited after signing up for the event as I knew it is quite demanding, having participated in the Duathlon 2011.
The event consists of 10km running followed by 36km cycling and another 5km running.
I was even more excited as this was the first event on my new beauty, the “Trek Speed Concept 9.9″. I got this bike only 1 week prior the event and I have only ridden it once but immediately fallen in love with it :)

In the event morning I got up as early as 6 to pick up Enrico and Selina at 7 from their side. There were a total of 5 people participating from our department, 1 in the mini distance, 3 in the sprint distance and myself in the open distance. We parked quite far from the event side (East Coast Carpark E2) and walking there costed us quite a lot of time so that Enrico and Ram had just enough time to put their bikes in the transition area. They have almost seen their start from the Dixi toilet :D
After they started at 8:40am I had enough time to prepare myself for the race. It was hot like hell already at 9am (30 degree plus, no clouds and humid as usual in Singapore) and I lost a lot of sweat even before starting.

At around 10 my wave started. I started a bit too fast on the running track. It was a 2,5km lap which I had to run 4 times. There were 3 water points which I made use of a lot. I slowed down a bit as the running track was not flat. The official timing is not out yet but I completed the first leg in approx. 50 minutes, which is OK considering the heat. I was slow in the transition as I was a bit exhausted. On the cycling track I felt home immediately. My new bike was going well and fast. Felt like flying and after the first of the six laps (6 x 6km) I had an avg. speed of around 36km/h. But then the pain started, a free the first third of lap 2 my calf started to cramp, something I have not experienced for years. It turned to cramp badly and I had to go slightly slower. It did not really get better and so I decided to override the cramp, and it did work, once overcoming the pain it got better and I found a group of strong cyclists I joined. This made me cycling strongly for the remaining laps and therefore I was able to finish with an avg. speed of 36+ km/h. Being way faster than last year I still felt fresher when going back on the running track (thanks to the new bike). After a slow transition again I managed to finish the last leg in less then half an hour. Like last year that leg was the most painful and exhausting one, you just want to finish that competition and you do not feel like doing another few steps. Worst ist actually that u-turn after 2,5km after which you still have to go on another round.
But the feeling passing the finish line was once more overwhelming and the atmosphere shaking hands with my fellow competitors was nice.
After few recovery drinks I packed my stuff and after sending Selina and Enrico home (thanks to them for staying back cheering me all the way till the end) I was so looking forward to my shower.

The rest of the day was low activity and I had some time to rest a bit and take care of my damn aching calves.

It was a very strong field this year and as they consolidated 2 age groups (30-34 and 30-39) into one this year (30-39) I will not be able to rank similar to last year when I ranked 14.

Let’s see…

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